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High Priority (HP) Grant - Eligible Activities and Costs

Eligible project-related costs under HP must be directly related and necessary to HP project activities proposed in the application and may not pay for general CMV enforcement equipment and supplies. While the eligibility of specific items is subject to review by FMCSA, below are the most common types of HP expenses eligible for reimbursement:

  • Personnel expenses, including recruitment and screening, training, salaries and fringe benefits, and supervision;
  • Equipment and travel expenses, including per diem, directly related to the enforcement of safety regulations, including vehicles, uniforms, communications equipment, special inspection equipment, vehicle maintenance, fuel, and oil;
  • Indirect expenses for facilities, except fixed scales, used to conduct inspections or house enforcement personnel, support staff, and equipment to the extent they are measurable and recurring ( e.g., rent and overhead);
  • Expenses related to data acquisition, storage, and analysis that are specifically identifiable as program-related to develop a database to coordinate resources and improve efficiency;
  • Clerical and administrative expenses, to the extent necessary and directly attributable to the program;
  • Contractual or sub-grantee costs between the applicant and another organization (for example a vendor or local government organization) to carry out activities; and
  • Expenses related to the improvement of real property (e.g., installation of lights for the inspection of vehicles at night). Note: Acquisition of real property, land, or buildings is not an eligible cost under HP.

Specific costs, exceptions, and technical guidance are included in the MCSAP Comprehensive Policy (MCP).

Last updated: Friday, February 14, 2014