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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Wisconsin EMO24-DOT Weight Permit Expansion

Tony Evers

Office of the Governor   State of Wisconsin


Relating to the Department of Transportation Emergency Overweight Commodity Permits


WHEREAS, in December, 2019, a novel strain of the coronavirus was detected, now named COVID-19, and it has spread throughout the world, including every state in the United States;

WHEREAS, on March 12, 2020, Governor Tony Evers declared a public health emergency and directed all agencies support the efforts to respond to and contain COVID-19 in Wisconsin;

WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump proclaimed a National Emergency concerning COVID-19;

WHEREAS, as of April 9, 2020, there were 1,521,252 confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world, including 427,460 in the United States and 2,885 in Wisconsin; and

WHEREAS, the Department of Transportation must continue its vital work to ensure the protection and safety of the public and the public highway infrastructure throughout the state.

NOW THEREFORE, under the authority of Section 323.12(4)(b) and (d) of the Wisconsin Statutes and the public health emergency declared in Executive Order #72, I, Governor Tony Evers, order the following:

  1. Overweight permits may be issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and fees shall be waived for transportation of supplies in conformance with this Order. “Wisconsin highways” includes the National Defense Highway System pursuant to 23 USC 127(i).
  2. This order does not apply to class II highways ( rsrctns/default.aspx), posted bridges, local highways with special and seasonal weight limit postings, and class B highways.
  3. Overweight permits may be issued for motor carriers included in the service sectors identified in the CISA critical infrastructure sector as identified at 
  4. A permit issued under this order may authorize weights of not more than 12.5 percent greater than the gross single axle weight, gross axle group weight, or gross vehicle weight limitations under Wis. Stat. §§ 348.15(3)(b) and 348.15(3)(c). This permit does not authorize the operation of any vehicle or combination of vehicles with any single axle gross weight in excess of 22,500 pounds or a gross vehicle weight in excess of 90,000 pounds.
  5. Interstate and intrastate carriers providing direct relief assistance, as described herein, are relieved from the requirements contained in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, title 49 C.F.R. Parts 390-399 and Wis. Admin. Code chs. TRANS 325 and 327, subject to the restrictions and limitations described under 49 C.F.R § 390.23.
  6. This order authorizes the waiver of fees required by Wis. Stats. §§ 341.405, 341.41(7), and 341.45 to obtain a 72-hour-trip permit for vehicles travelling into Wisconsin that are not registered in Wisconsin nor enrolled in the International Registration Plan (IRP) or the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).
  7. Permits issued under Emergency Order #14 shall be automatically converted to permits under this order.
  8. Permits issued under this order shall be effective for the duration of the public health emergency declared in Executive Order #72. Permits issued under this order shall terminate upon the termination of the public health emergency declared in Executive Order #72.
  9. Except as provided in this order, all other applicable state and federal laws remain in full force and effect.
  10. This order is effective immediately and shall remain in effect for the duration of the public health emergency as declared in Executive Order #72, or until a superseding order is issued.





Tony Evers                                                                                           Date


State of Wisconsin

Last updated: Monday, April 13, 2020