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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Wisconsin EMO14-DOT Weight Permit Extension

State of Wisconsin

Governor Tony Evers                                                                     Secretary-designee Andrea Palm

Office of the Governor                                                                      Department of Health Services

PO Box 7863                                                                          PO Box 7850                          

Madison, WI 53707                                                                          Madison, WI 53707                 

608-266-1212                                                                                   (608)-266-9622                                                                                                 


Relating to Extending the Department of Transportation Emergency Permits to Assist with Grocery Supply Efforts

WHEREAS, in December, 2019, a novel strain of the coronavirus was detected, now named COVID-19, and it has spread throughout the world, including every state in the United States;

WHEREAS, on March 12, 2020, Governor Tony Evers declared a public health emergency and directed all agencies support the efforts to respond to and contain  COVID-19 in Wisconsin;

WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump proclaimed a National Emergency concerning COVID-19;

WHEREAS, as of March 26, 2020, 512,900 people around the world have tested positive for COVID-19, including 81,321 in the United States and 707 in Wisconsin; and

WHEREAS, the efficient transport of groceries and supplies is essential for all Wisconsinites to have access to basic necessities.

NOW THEREFORE, under the authority vested in the Governor and the Department of Health Services by the Constitution and the Laws of the State, including but not limited to Article V, Section 4 of the Wisconsin Constitution and Sections 323.12(4) and 252.02 of the Wisconsin Statutes, and the public health emergency declared in Executive Order #72, I, Governor Tony Evers, and I, Secretary-designee Andrea Palm, jointly order the following:

  1. Emergency Order #2, Order for Department of Transportation Permits to Assist with Grocery Supply Efforts remains in effect. The Secretary of the Department of Transportation may take the following actions:
    1. Extend permits issued under Emergency Order #2 to April 11, 2020.
    1. Issue new permits under Emergency Order #2, to expire April 11, 2020.
  1. The following paragraphs from Emergency Order #2 are amended as followed:

This order does not apply to class II highways (https://wisconsindot. gov/Documents/dmv/com-drv-vehs/mtr-car-trkr /ssnl-wt-rsrctns/ class2text. pdf), posted bridges, and local highways with special and seasonal or Class B weight limit postings.

A permit issued under this order does not authorize the operation of any vehicle combination at a maximum gross weight in excess of 88,000 pounds. A permit may only authorize weights not more than 10 percent greater than the gross axle, gross axle combination, or gross vehicle weight limitations under Wis. Stat.§§ 348.15 and 348.16.

All other provisions of the prior order remain in full force and effect.

  1. This order is effective immediately and shall remain in effect for the duration of the public health emergency as declared in Executive Order #72, or until a superseding order is issued.



Tony Evers


State of Wisconsin





Andrea Palm


Department of Health Service

State of Wisconsin                                























Last updated: Monday, March 30, 2020