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State of South Dakota Executive Order 2018-4

State Of South Dakota 
Office Of The Governor
Executive Order 2018-4

WHEREAS, The people of South Dakota are faced with problems caused by unseasonably cold and wet weather and soil conditions; and,

WHEREAS, Field work in the state of South Dakota has been significantly delayed; and,

WHEREAS, Planting, fertilizer, and agricultural chemical application have been delayed and now require round-the-clock operation in order to lessen the impending disaster of farmers not getting in the field in adequate time for planting and crop emergence; and,

WHEREAS, Over-width planters and applicators are allowed to move on highways during daylight hours by annual permit as authorized by ARSD 70:03:01 :32, which prohibits over-width applicators from moving on state highways during nighttime hours; and,

WHEREAS, It is the responsibility of the state to assist the people of the state in meeting problems of mutual concern:

IT IS, THEREFORE, BY EXECUTIVE ORDER, directed, notwithstanding SDCL 32-22-2, that a state of emergency exists in South Dakota, and that such over-width application vehicles and planters shall be allowed to move on state trunk highways in South Dakota during nighttime hours under the terms of the permit authorized by ARSD 70:30:01: 113 and ARSD 701 :03:01: 114 provided their width does not exceed twelve (12) feet and they are equipped with flashing or rotating white or amber warning lights placed at each side of the equipment's widest extremity. The warning lights shall be clearly visible to motorists approaching from front and rear at a distance of at least 500 feet. Travel on the Interstate Highway System is not authorized. A permit authorized by ARSD 70:03:01:113 and 70:03:01: 114 shall be obtained from the Department of Public Safety and carried in the vehicle for the duration of the emergency; and,

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED, Because of the unstable conditions of many state, county, and township roads, those roadways have been posted for a reduced weight capacity. This executive order does not grant authority for any vehicle to exceed the recommended weight posting of any such road; and,

BE IT FURTHER ORDERED, This executive order shall expire upon the conclusion of the emergency, but in no case later than midnight, May 31, 2018.

Dated in Pierre, South Dakota, this 27th day of April, 2018.

Dennis Daugaard,

Shantel Krebs,
Secretary of State

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