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Mississippi Temporary COVID-19 Weight Increase for Carriers of Certain Commodities

Mississippi Department of Transportation



Melinda L. McGrath                                                                                                    Brian D. Ratliff                                                                                                       

Executive Director                                                                                                        Deputy Executive Director/Chief Engineer

Willie Huff                                                                                                                    Lisa M. Hancock

Director, Office of Enforcement                                                                                    Deputy Executive Director/Administration

                                                                                                                                     Charles R. Carr

412 East Woodrow Wilson                                                                                            Director, Office of lntermodal Planning

Jackson, MS 39216                                                                

Telephone (601) 359-1707





To:       Hal Miller, President

Mississippi Trucking Association

From: Melinda McGrath

Executive Director Date: March 17, 2020

RE:      Temporary COVID-19 Weight Increase for Carriers of Certain Commodities


A National Emergency has been declared and states are allowed to issue overweight permits to commercial vehicles transporting commodities considered a divisible load on the interstate highways. To assist with the transportation and delivery of critical commodities due to the COVID-19 national emergency, the Mississippi Department of Transportation is waiving the required weight permits and fees and allowing a weight increase for commercial vehicles providing direct assistance supporting emergency relief efforts intended to meet the immediate need for:


Medical supplies and equipment related to the testing, diagnosis and treatment of COVID- 19.
Supplies and equipment, including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, soap and disinfectants, necessary for healthcare worker, patient and community safety, sanitation, and prevention of COVID-19 spread in communities.
Food for emergency restocking of stores.
Equipment, supplies and persons necessary for establishment and management of temporary housing and quarantine facilities related to COVID-19.

The maximum gross weight under this allowance is 90,000 pounds on a 5 axle commercial vehicle with a minimum 51 foot outer bridge measurement. The maximum tandem limit is 40,000 pounds. This memo does not allow commercial vehicles to cross bridges with a posted limit below the gross weight of the commercial vehicle. All other dimensions must be legal.


This allowance will expire on April 12, 2020. The necessity of an extension will be reviewed at that time.


Thank you.






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Last updated: Monday, July 27, 2020