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Governor Declaration of Emergency

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is experiencing a powerful nor' Easter of long duration with heavy rains, wet snow and damaging wind conditions, including gusts more than ninety (90) miles per hour along the coast;

WHEREAS, the storm has created a threat to public safety with widespread coastal flooding with major impacts over three high tide cycles, urban street flooding, severe beach erosion, downed trees and other debris causing roads to be impassable, over 380,000 power outages and widespread property damage;

WHEREAS, coastal flooding spread over three high tide cycles, storm surges and high winds in low lying areas has required the evacuation of residents as well as damage to public and private property in at least thirty (30) coastal communities;

WHEREAS, the storm's impact has not been limited to coastal communities, with over five inches of rain falling in interior communities, and damaging winds causing large amounts of downed trees and other debris requiring clearing;

WHEREAS, declaring a state of emergency will facilitate the Commonwealth's protection of persons and property from the impacts of the storm and expedite the use of Commonwealth resources, as well as the deployment of federal and interstate resources, if required, to provide necessary assistance in the Commonwealth's emergency response and what is anticipated to be a prolonged recovery effort;

WHEREAS, the declaration of emergency will also permit the Commonwealth to request and receive mutual aid assistance from other states through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, if required;

WHEREAS, many local communities have declared local states of emergency and have requested resources and support from the Commonwealth's departments and agencies to assist them in dealing with this strom emergency;

WHEREAS, the declaration of emergency will also facilitate the immediate procurement and deployment of goods and services necessary to ensuring a prompt and effective response to, and recovery from, this storm;

WHEREAS, the declaration of emergency will allow the Governor to issue such emergency orders as are necessary to protect the Commonwealth's residents and ensure the health, safety and security of their property;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Charles D. Baker, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, pursuant to the power provided by Chapter 639 of the Acts of 1950 do hereby issue this proclamation that there now exists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts a STATE OF EMERGENCY.

Pursuant to the powers granted to the Governor in Sections Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Eight -A of Chapter 639 of the Acts of 1950, as amended, and other provisions of the law, I shall from the time issue recommendations, directions and orders as circumstances require.

This proclamation of the STATE OF EMERGENCY is effective immediately and shall remain in effect notice is given, pursuant to my judgment, that the STATE OF EMERGENCY no longer exists.

Given this 3rd Day of March in the year of our Lord two thousand and eighteen at 11:15 AM.

Charles D. Baker

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