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Commonwealth of Virginia Affected Agencies and Shippers/Carriers

Commonwealth of Virginia
Department Of Transportation
1401 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA , 23219

Stephen C. Brich, P.E.

March 2, 2018

To: Affected Agencies and Shippers/Carriers
Subject: Waiver for carriers transporting essential emergency relief supplies or providing emergency restoration of infrastructure services.

In order to provide response and recovery support to areas affected by forecasted severe weather the Governor has declared a State of Emergency to exist for the Commonwealth of Virginia and is seeking relief for all carriers transporting essential emergency relief supplies, livestock or poultry, feed or other critical supplies for livestock or poultry, heating oil, motor fuels, and propane, or providing restoration of utilities (electricity, gas, telecommunications, water and wastewater) in and through areas of the Commonwealth in order to support disaster response and recovery.

As a result, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles authorizes a temporary waiver of registration and licensing requirements for carrier, and the Commissioner of Highways authorizes a temporary waiver of normal weight and width restrictions on roads controlled by the Virginia Department of Transportation, for the express purpose of ensuring that emergency essential supplies and services reach impacted areas in timely manner. This waiver is effective beginning 5PM March 2, 2018 until 5PM March 17, 2018 and includes an exemption in coordination with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management which activates the FMSCA Section 390.23 Relief of Regulations including hours of service. This waiver only pertains to statewide shippers and carriers associated with emergency relief efforts.

Loads are restricted to a maximum of 12 feet wide provided they follow the hauling permit regulations and safety guidelines as published in the Virginia Hauling Permit Manual.
This information is for immediate dissemination to preclude inadvertent ticketing or detention. Multi-agency support and cooperation is appreciated. If there are any questions, please contact Mr. Earl Sharp at (804) 786-4692.

Stephen C. Brich, P.E.

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