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States Using PRISM

State Vehicle Registration Connectivity Map

PRISM - May 2014

Map of States Using PRISM

Level States Description Number of States
N/A - White MI, HI, MD, NV, OR, WY Not Active 6
Active - Tan   Implementing Approved Plan 0
Step 1 - Grey DC, IL, MA, ND Collecting/Validating USDOT Number of MCRS 4
Step 2 - Red AZ Submitting Targeted Vehicles to SAFER 1
Step 3 - Purple CO, LA, TN, PA Authority in Place to Deny for Federal OOS
Denying for Federal OOS
Step 4 - Yellow NC, OK, WV Authority in Place to Suspend for Federal OOS
Suspending for IH and Unsat/Unfit
Step 5 - Green AK, KS, NH, NY, TX Denying and Suspending for all except Failure to P 5
Step 6 - Blue FL,GA, ID, MN Denying and Suspending for ALL Federal OOSO 4
Step 7 - Orange AR, IN, MS, NE, NM, SC, SD, VT, UT Uploading 950 codes confirming State suspension 9
Step 8 - Gold AL, CA, CT, DE, IA, KY, ME, MO, NJ, OH, RI, VA, WA, WI, MT Authority in Place to Deny Reincarnated Carriers
Denying Suspected Reincarnated/Affiliated Registrants
State Reporting Suspected Reincarnated Registrants

Total PRISM States:  44 + D.C

Updated: Tuesday, June 17, 2014