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National Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Network Deployment Program


To work with eligible States and motor carrier industry stakeholders to implement core and expanded commercial vehicle information systems and networks (CVISN) capabilities that improve the safety and productivity of commercial vehicle operations and enhance transportation security in four primary areas: driver information sharing, enhanced safety information exchange, smart roadside, and expanded electronic credentialing.


The CVISN program is part of the nationwide intelligent transportation system (ITS) initiative to improve safety, security, and productivity by deploying information sharing systems and technology. This project was implemented in order to provide software development, maintenance and technical support to enhance State's capabilities to exchange data between Federal and private systems.


To provide support for research, development, test, evaluation, and assessment of programs to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of current and future elements of the CVISN program, in particular, commercial vehicle operations.
Outcomes Deployed CVISN core and expanded applications.Identify and verifyCVISNdeployment through interoperability tests, as well as identification of lessons learned and best practices for implementation. 


1994 - 1996: 

  • ITS/CVO Activities Roadmap; Intro to CVISN Architecture Documentation.

1996 - 2000:  

  • Technology and operational demonstration; prototype States MD & VA.
  • Model deployment of standards interfaces, clearinghouses, SAFER, and State systems; Pilot States MD, VA, CA, CO, CT, KY, MI, MN, WA, OR. 

2000 - 2011:

  • CVISN core/expanded deployment and operations & maintenance.

2011 - 2017 

  • CVISN core/expanded deployment and operations & maintenance.
  • CVISN core deployment of all States by 2017 and continue CVISN expanded deployment.


FY 2008 $607,398FMCSA R&T$793,617FHWA/JHU/APL/Volpe/CS
FY 2009$530,541FMCSA R&T$1,131,419FHWA/JHU/APL/Volpe/CS
FY 2010$877,642 FMCSA R&T$825,000 FHWA/JHU/APL/Volpe/CS
FY 2011$700,000 FMCSA R&T$700,000  FHWA/JHU/APL/Volpe/CS
FY 2012$650,000 FMCSA R&T$400,000Volpe/CS
FY 2013$650,000  $400,000Volpe
   $250,000Contractor TBD


All States and the District of Columbia have deployed at least one element of Core CVISN functionality and many States are close to achieving Core CVISN Compliance. As of December 2012, 30 States were certified as Core CVISN Compliant. The CVISN program will see widespread activity in 2013 when an additional 10 to 12 States are expected to be Core CVISN Compliant certified.

Project Lead

For more information, contact Jose Rodriguez, FMCSA Research Division, at 202-366-3517 or


John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center and one additional contractor TBD for CVISN State Support.

Updated: Tuesday, December 16, 2014