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Wireless Roadside Inspection Field Operations Test


To determine the viability and effectiveness of wireless commercial motor vehicle (CMV) inspections using currently-existing telematics technologies and a custom-developed government system to receive and process the safety data messages (SDMs) at an instantaneous rate equal to a nationally-deployed system and provide a nexus for future national deployment.


The project builds on the recently completed Wireless Roadside Inspection (WRI) pilot tests. These tests showed that a national system may be feasible, but required further refinement of interfaces between government and carrier information systems. It aligns directly with the Agency's Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) initiative as a tool to identify more drivers, vehicles, and carriers at the roadside with limited resources. A cost-benefit analysis performed during the pilot tests estimated benefits exceeding costs for a fully-deployed WRI system.


For the field operational test (FOT), large-scale testing will be conducted to validate the viability of WRI. An end-to-end system validation will be conducted with multiple fleets, vehicles, and technology partners by leveraging what was accomplished in the pilot tests.


The FOT will:

  • Demonstrate WRI via one or more telematics partner systems.
  • Demonstrate the transfer of a SDM to the wireless inspection processing system (WIPS).
  • Demonstrate the transfer of the SDM from the WIPS to the State-centralized and roadside-based systems.
  • Demonstrate WRI end-to-end system functionality via one or more telematics partner systems.
  • Demonstrate carrier, enforcement, and compliance decision-making using associated WRI interfaces.
  • Demonstrate WRI system instantaneous loading equal to a nationally-deployed system.
  • Feed revisions of the already existing WRI requirements, concept of operations, and architecture.
  • Inform the go/no-go decision for WRI national deployment.


December 2017     Final reports will be completed




The FOT is being conducted.


Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Updated: Thursday, January 8, 2015