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SaferBus Mobile Application

Planning a bus trip? Make sure you look before you book!

When booking bus travel, there is more to consider than just price and convenience. Whether you are booking travel for a group or purchasing an individual ticket, FMCSA makes it easy to check a bus company's safety record on-the-go with the Saferbus mobile app.

Don't risk your life or the lives of others by making an uninformed decision. Make safety a top priority when planning a bus trip by downloading the free, easy-to-use SaferBus app [iPhone or Android] for 24/7 access to important bus safety information and resources.


The SaferBus mobile app provides easy access to bus company safety information.

1. Check if a bus company is allowed to operate:

  • The SaferBus mobile app enables consumers to identify whether an interstate bus company has been placed out-of-service and operating illegally. Bus companies that are not allowed to operate appear in bold red on the SaferBus mobile app.
    • Bus companies with an unsatisfactory safety rating or who have been ordered out-of-service are prohibited from conducting interstate operations.
    • Bus companies are not allowed to transport passengers without operating authority registration and adequate insurance.
  • It is important for consumers to check the operating status of a bus company often because, based on timely inspections, the operating status of a bus company can change on a daily basis.
  • View the operating status of a bus company by searching for a bus company's name, DOT number, or MC number in the search box. It will appear in bold red.

2. Review bus safety performance:

  • The SaferBus mobile app provides up to 24 months of safety performance data for a bus company in the following categories:
    • Unsafe Driving
    • Hours-of-Service Compliance
    • Driver Fitness
    • Controlled Substances and Alcohol
    • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Based on inspection and other data, a percentile is calculated for each company in the safety categories; the higher the percentile, the worse the safety compliance performance, which shows consumers where a company ranks on safety among other companies.
  • Once a consumer inputs the name of the bus company, the categories can be viewed individually by selecting the yellow icons in the top right corner of the company profile.

3. File a complaint:

  • The SaferBus app allows consumers, drivers, and members of industry to file a complaint about safety, service, or discrimination issues through the National Consumer Complaint Database.
  • The information will help FMCSA identify and address discrimination and service issues as well as improve motor carrier safety enforcement and consumer protection by ensuring that all companies use fair business practices.
  • Simply click the "Leave Complaint" button to access the National Consumer Complaint Database.
  • Consumers can also file a complaint by calling FMCSA's toll free hotline 1-888-DOT-SAFT (1-888-368-7238) from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. eastern time, Monday through Friday or through the online National Consumer Complaint Database.
Updated: Tuesday, April 1, 2014
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