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Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse


To provide operating support and mode specific input Transportation and Climate Change Clearinghouse (TCCC). (www.


The TCCC is the focal point of a departmental effort to contribute information and participate more forcefully in the nation's efforts to address the long-term challenge of global climate change. The Center provides expertise to conduct research and to develop solutions that will reduce greenhouse gasses while also accomplishing other social goals assigned to the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) by Congress. It coordinates climate change issues and addresses environmental issues and strategies with a broader view than the USDOT's individual programs. The TCCC also provides a standing analytical support capability for climate-related issues and other evolving departmental environmental considerations.


This effort entails four linked activities—research and analysis, policy analysis, strategic planning and center operations, and outreach and partnerships—which specifically address the following:

  • Research and analysis on climate-related topics.
  • Strategic planning and center operations, including budget development/planning and participation in efforts of the Steering Committee and its subsidiary bodies.
  • Policy assessment and leadership, including support for USDOT participation in domestic and international policy development related to climate change, the analysis of relevant proposals, and the development of domestic and international position papers.
  • Outreach and partnerships, including maintenance of the TCCC Web site.
  • Any additional activities in these areas that may be assigned by the steering committee.

The funding for the TCCC comes from annual USDOT modal administration contributions. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has contributed to the TCCC since 2003. FMCSA contributes to the TCCC to support USDOT activities relating to climate change. These issues include impacts on roadway operations and infrastructure as well as research on regulatory impacts that could affect safety. While the intersection of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety and climate change is relatively small, FMCSA’s modal contribution reflects the Agency’s role as a minor but participating player. Research topics of interest to FMCSA include the impact of weather changes on transportation safety, in particular impacts on roadway infrastructure and freight operations involving CMVs.


Continuous operating support to the TCCC.


July 2012                     FY 2012 funds awarded, and FY 2011 funds
                                     extended until May 2015
July 2013                     FY 2013 no-year[1] funds awarded July 2013
July 2014                     FY 2014 no-year funds awarded July 2014

[1] “No-year” means that the funding does not expire in 3 years. Funds are available until they are spent.


$150,000 FMCSA Research


Recurring annual funding up to date.


This is an Interagency Agreement (IAA) between FMCSA and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology

Updated: Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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