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Drowsy Driver Mitigation System


To develop and test a prototype system to unobtrusively detect and alert drowsy, distracted, and aggressive drivers prior to performance degradation.


Fatigue is a complex, but very real, interaction of physiological, cognitive, and emotional factors, which result in slowed reactions, poor judgment, reduced cognitive processing of information, and an inability to continue performing a task or to carry it out at a high, sustained level of accuracy or safety. Operator fatigue has been recognized as a critical safety issue in all modes of transportation.


Transecurity, LLC successfully developed a multi-variable drowsy-driver mitigation system (DDMS) concept in their Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I project, which combines many indicators of drowsiness and alertness into a composite drowsiness score. Advisory and warning messages are presented to the driver and supplemental notifications to fleet management are also supported. This Phase II proposal provides a work plan for completing the development and commercialization of the system. Tasks include machine vision eye and head tracking software development, continued algorithm development to detect behaviors of interest and combine them into a composite drowsiness score, development of an appropriate human machine interface, porting of algorithm and display software to run on Transecurity's DriveVision pro onboard safety system, and modifying Transecurity's DriveMetrix software to include the drowsiness data into the immediate supervisor notification, driver risk scoring, and driver coaching functionalities.


A low-cost commercially available system for detecting drowsy driving.


September 2010     The Phase II SBIR contract was awarded
September 2013     Project completed




This project is completed.


Transecurity, LLC

Updated: Thursday, January 8, 2015
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