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  • § 396.3
    Inspection, repair, and maintenance.
  • § 396.9
    Inspection of motor vehicles and intermodal equipment in operation.
  • § 396.11
    Driver vehicle inspection report(s).
  • § 396.13
    Driver inspection.
  • § 396.17
    Periodic inspection.
  • § 396.19
    Inspector qualifications.
  • § 396.21
    Periodic inspection recordkeeping requirements.
  • § 396.23
    Equivalent to periodic inspection.
  • § 396.25
    Qualifications of brake inspectors.

Part 396

Section § 396.25: Qualifications of brake inspectors.

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Question 1: Does a CDL with an airbrake endorsement qualify a person as a brake inspector under §396.25?

Guidance: No.

Question 2: May a driver who does not have the necessary experience perform the adjustment under directions issued by telephone by a qualified inspector?

Guidance: Yes. A driver is permitted to perform brake adjustments at a roadside inspection providing they are done under the supervision of a qualified brake adjuster and the carrier is willing to assume responsibility for the proper adjustment.

Question 3: May a driver or other motor carrier employee be qualified as a brake inspector under§396.25 by way of experience or training to perform brake adjustments without being qualified to perform other brake-related tasks such as the repair or replacement of brake components?

Guidance: Yes. A driver may be qualified by the motor carrier to perform a limited number of tasks in connection with the brake system, e.g., inspect and/or adjust the vehicle’s brakes, but not repair them.

Question 4: Would a mechanic who is employed by a leasing company and only works on Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)s that the leasing company leases to other motor carriers be required to meet the brake inspector certification requirements?

Guidance: No. The mechanic is not required to meet the certification requirements of §396.25(d) since he/she is not employed by a motor carrier.

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