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  • § 396.3
    Inspection, repair, and maintenance.
  • § 396.9
    Inspection of motor vehicles and intermodal equipment in operation.
  • § 396.11
    Driver vehicle inspection report(s).
  • § 396.13
    Driver inspection.
  • § 396.17
    Periodic inspection.
  • § 396.19
    Inspector qualifications.
  • § 396.21
    Periodic inspection recordkeeping requirements.
  • § 396.23
    Equivalent to periodic inspection.
  • § 396.25
    Qualifications of brake inspectors.

Part 396

Section § 396.19: Inspector qualifications.

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Question 1: May an entity other than a motor carrier maintain the evidence of inspector qualifications required by §396.19(b)?

Guidance: Yes. In those cases in which the inspection is performed by a commercial garage or similar facility or a leasing company, the motor carrier may allow the commercial garage or leasing company to maintain a copy of the inspector’s qualifications on behalf of the motor carrier. The motor carrier, however, is responsible for obtaining copies of evidence of the inspector’s qualifications upon the request of Federal, State, or local officials. If, for whatever reason, the motor carrier is unable to obtain this information from the third party, the motor carrier may be cited for noncompliance with §396.19.

Question 2: Is there a specific form or format to be used in ensuring that inspectors are qualified in accordance with §396.19?

Guidance: No. Section §396.19(b). requires the motor carrier to retain evidence satisfying the standards without specifying any particular form.

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