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  • § 395.1
    Scope of rules in this part.
  • § 395.2
  • § 395.3
    Maximum driving time for property-carrying vehicles.
  • § 395.5
    Maximum driving time for passenger-carrying vehicles.
  • § 395.8
    Driver's record of duty status.
  • § 395.13
    Drivers declared out of service.
  • § 395.15
    Automatic on-board recording devices.

Part 395

Section § 395.5: Maximum driving time for passenger-carrying vehicles.

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Question 1: Would a driver delivering an empty commercial motor vehicle designed or used to carry passengers, from the manufacturer or distributor to a dealer, or otherwise engaged in a "driveaway-towaway" trip as defined in § 390.5, be required to comply with the hours-of-service regulations for passenger-carrying drivers?

Guidance: No. The property-carrier hours-of-service rules in § 395.3 are applicable to drivers operating commercial motor vehicles designed or used to transport passengers in a "driveaway-towaway" operation, as defined in § 390.5.

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