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  • § 392.3
    Ill or fatigued operator.
  • § 392.5
    Alcohol prohibition.
  • § 392.6
    Schedules to conform with speed limits.
  • § 392.9
    Inspection of cargo, cargo securement devices and systems.
  • § 392.10
    Railroad grade crossings; stopping required.
  • § 392.14
    Hazardous conditions; extreme caution.
  • § 392.16
    Use of seat belts.
  • § 392.60
    Unauthorized persons not to be transported.

Part 392

Section § 392.6: Schedules to conform with speed limits.

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Question 1: How many miles may a driver record on his/her daily record of duty status and still be presumed to be in compliance with the speed limits?

Guidance: Drivers are required to conform to the posted speed limits prescribed by the jurisdictions in or through which the vehicle is being operated. Where the total trip is on highways with a speed limit of 65 mph, trips of 550-600 miles completed in 10 hours are considered questionable and the motor carrier may be asked to document that such trips can be made. Trips of 600 miles or more will be assumed to be incapable of being completed with out violations of the speed limits and may be required to be documented. In areas where a 55 mph speed limit is in effect, trips of 450-500 miles are open to question, and runs of 500 miles or more are considered incapable of being made in compliance with the speed limit and hours of service limitation.

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