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  • § 390.3
    General applicability.
  • § 390.5
  • § 390.9
    State and local laws, effect on.
  • § 390.15
    Assistance in investigations and special studies.
  • § 390.17
    Additional equipment and accessories.
  • § 390.21
    Marking of self-propelled CMVs and intermodal equipment.
  • § 390.23
    Relief from regulations.

Part 390

Section § 390.9: State and local laws, effect on.

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Question 1: If an interstate driver gets stopped by a State enforcement officer for an inspection, would the inspecting officer be enforcing the Federal regulations or State regulations?

Guidance: A State enforcement officer can only enforce State laws. However, under the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Pro gram, quite often State laws are the same as or similar to the FMCSRs.

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