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  • § 386.1
    Scope of the rules in this part.
  • § 386.2
  • § 386.3
    Separation of functions.
  • § 386.4
    Appearances and rights of parties.
  • § 386.5
    Form of filings and extensions of time.
  • § 386.6
  • § 386.7
    Filing of documents.
  • § 386.8
    Computation of time.
  • § 386.11
    Commencement of proceedings.
  • § 386.12
  • § 386.13
    Petitions to review and request for hearing: Driver qualification proceedings.
  • § 386.14
  • § 386.15
  • § 386.16
    Action on replies to the Notice of Claim.
  • § 386.17
  • § 386.18
    Payment of the claim.
  • § 386.22
    Settlement agreements and their contents.
  • § 386.31
    Official notice.
  • § 386.34
  • § 386.35
    Motions to dismiss and motions for a more definite statement.
  • § 386.36
    Motions for final agency order.
  • § 386.37
  • § 386.38
    Scope of discovery.
  • § 386.39
    Protective orders.
  • § 386.40
    Supplementation of responses.
  • § 386.41
    Stipulations regarding discovery.
  • § 386.42
    Written interrogatories to parties.
  • § 386.43
    Production of documents and other evidence; entry upon land for inspection and other purposes; and physical and mental examination.
  • § 386.44
    Request for admissions.
  • § 386.45
    Motion to compel discovery.
  • § 386.46
  • § 386.47
    Use of deposition at hearings.
  • § 386.48
    Medical records and physicians' reports.
  • § 386.49
    Form of written evidence.
  • § 386.51
    Amendment and withdrawal of pleadings.
  • § 386.52
    Appeals from interlocutory rulings.
  • § 386.53
    Subpoenas, witness fees.
  • § 386.54
    Administrative Law Judge.
  • § 386.55
    Prehearing conferences.
  • § 386.56
  • § 386.57
    Proposed findings of fact, conclusions of law.
  • § 386.58
    Burden of proof.
  • § 386.61
  • § 386.62
    Review of administrative law judge's decision.
  • § 386.63
    Decision on review.
  • § 386.64
  • § 386.65
    Failure to comply with final order.
  • § 386.66
    Motions for rehearing or for modification.
  • § 386.67
    Judicial review.
  • § 386.71
  • § 386.72
    Imminent hazard.
  • § 386.73
    Operations out of service and record consolidation proceedings (reincarnated carriers).
  • § 386.81
  • § 386.82
    Civil penalties for violations of notices and orders.
  • § 386.83
    Sanction for failure to pay civil penalties or abide by payment plan; operation in interstate commerce prohibited.
  • § 386.84
    Sanction for failure to pay civil penalties or abide by payment plan; suspension or revocation of registration.

Part 386

§ 386.6: Service.

(a) General. All documents must be served upon the party or the party's designated agent for service of process. If a notice of appearance has been filed in the specific case in question in accordance with § 386.4, service is to be made on the party's attorney of record or its designated representative.

(b) Type of service. A person may serve documents by personal delivery utilizing governmental or commercial entities, U.S. mail, commercial mail delivery, and upon prior written consent of the parties, facsimile. Written consent for facsimile service must specify the facsimile number where service will be accepted. When service is made by facsimile, a copy will also be served by any other method permitted by this section. Facsimile service occurs when transmission is complete.

(c) Certificate of service. A certificate of service will accompany all documents served in a proceeding under this Part. The certificate must show the date and manner of service, be signed by the person making service, and list the persons served in accordance with § 386.7.

(d) Date of service. A document will be considered served on the date of personal delivery; or if mailed, the mailing date shown on the certificate of service, the date shown on the postmark if there is no certificate of service, or other mailing date shown by other evidence if there is no certificate of service or postmark.

(e) Valid service. A properly addressed document, sent in accordance with this subpart, which was returned, unclaimed, or refused, is deemed to have been served in accordance with this subpart. The service will be considered valid as of the date and the time the document was mailed, or the date personal delivery of the document was refused. Service by delivery after 5 p.m. in the time zone in which the recipient will receive delivery is deemed to have been made on the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday.

(f) Presumption of service. There shall be a presumption of service if the document is served where a party or a person customarily receives mail or at the address designated in the entry of appearance. If an entry of appearance has been filed on behalf of the party, service is effective upon service of a document to its representative.

Citation: [70 FR 28480, May 18, 2005]


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