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  • § 384.209
    Notification of traffic violations.
  • § 384.211
    Surrender of old licenses.
  • § 384.231
    Satisfaction of State disqualification requirement.

Part 384

Section § 384.211: Surrender of old licenses.

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Question 1: May licensing jurisdictions meet their stewardship requirements for surrendered licenses by physically marking the license in some way as not valid and returning it to a driver as part of the driver’s application for a new or renewal of an existing CDL?

Guidance: Yes. Provided the licensing jurisdiction meets the test of guaranteeing that the returned license document cannot possibly be mistaken for a valid document by a casual observer. A document perforated with the word "VOID" conspicuously and unmistakably displayed with holes large enough to be easily distinguished by a casual observer in limited light, which cannot be obscured by the holder of the document would meet the test of being invalidated.

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