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  • § 383.3
  • § 383.5
  • § 383.21
    Number of drivers' licenses.
  • § 383.23
    Commercial driver's license.
  • § 383.31
    Notification of convictions for driver violations.
  • § 383.33
    Notification of driver's license suspensions.
  • § 383.37
    Employer responsibilities.
  • § 383.51
    Disqualification of drivers.
  • § 383.71
    Driver application and certification procedures.
  • § 383.73
    State procedures.
  • § 383.75
    Third party testing.
  • § 383.77
    Substitute for driving skills tests for drivers with military CMV experience.
  • § 383.91
    Commercial motor vehicle groups.
  • § 383.93
  • § 383.95
  • § 383.113
    Required skills.
  • § 383.131
    Test manuals.
  • § 383.133
    Test methods.
  • § 383.153
    Information on the CLP and CDL documents and applications.

Part 383

Section § 383.75: Third party testing.

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Question 1: May the CDL knowledge test be administered by a third party?

Guidance: No. The third party testing provision found in §383.75 applies only to the skills portion of the testing procedure. However, if an employee of the State who is authorized to supervise knowledge testing is present during the testing, then the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) regards it as being administered by the State and not by the third party.

Question 2: Do third party skills test examiners have to meet all the requirements of State-employed examiners—i.e. all the State’s qualification and training standards?

Guidance: No. §383.75(a)(2)(iii) requires third party examiners to meet the same standards as State examiners only "to the extent necessary to conduct skills tests."

Question 3: Do third-party skills test examiners have to be qualified to administer skills tests in all types of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)s?

Guidance: No.

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