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  • § 380.101
    Purpose and scope.
  • § 380.103
  • § 380.105
  • § 380.107
    General requirements.
  • § 380.109
    Driver testing.
  • § 380.111
    Substitute for driver training.
  • § 380.113
    Employer responsibilities.
  • § 380.201
    General requirements.
  • § 380.203
    LCV Doubles.
  • § 380.205
    LCV Triples.
  • § 380.301
    General requirements.
  • § 380.303
    Substitute for instructor requirements.
  • § 380.305
    Employer responsibilities.
  • § 380.401
    Certification document.
  • § 380.501
  • § 380.502
  • § 380.503
    Entry-level driver training requirements.
  • § 380.505
    Proof of training.
  • § 380.507
    Driver responsibilities.
  • § 380.509
    Employer responsibilities.
  • § 380.511
    Employer recordkeeping responsibilities.
  • § 380.513
    Required information on the training certificate.
  • Appendix to Part 380
    LCV Driver Training Programs, Required Knowledge and Skills

Part 380

§ 380.503: Entry-level driver training requirements.

Entry-level driver training must include instruction addressing the following four areas:

(a) Driver qualification requirements. The Federal rules on medical certification, medical examination procedures, general qualifications, responsibilities, and disqualifications based on various offenses, orders, and loss of driving privileges (part 391, subparts B and E of this subchapter).

(b) Hours of service of drivers. The limitations on driving hours, the requirement to be off-duty for certain periods of time, record of duty status preparation, and exceptions (part 395 of this subchapter). Fatigue countermeasures as a means to avoid crashes.

(c) Driver wellness. Basic health maintenance including diet and exercise. The importance of avoiding excessive use of alcohol.

(d) Whistleblower protection. The right of an employee to question the safety practices of an employer without the employee's risk of losing a job or being subject to reprisals simply for stating a safety concern (29 CFR part 1978).


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