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  • § 377.101
  • § 377.103
    Tariff requirements.
  • § 377.105
    Collection and remittance.
  • § 377.201
  • § 377.203
    Extension of credit to shippers.
  • § 377.205
    Presentation of freight bills.
  • § 377.207
    Effect of mailing freight bills or payments.
  • § 377.209
    Additional charges.
  • § 377.211
    Computation of time.
  • §§ 377.213-377.215
  • § 377.217
    Interline settlement of revenues.

Part 377

§ 377.101: Applicability.

The rules and regulations in this part apply to the transportation by motor vehicle of c.o.d. shipments by all common carriers of property subject to 49 U.S.C. 13702, except such transportation which is auxiliary to or supplemental of transportation by railroad and performed on railroad bills of lading, and except such transportation which is performed for freight forwarders and on freight forwarder bills of lading.

Citation: [32 FR 20050, Dec. 20, 1967. Redesignated at 61 FR 54708, Oct. 21, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 15424, Apr. 1, 1997]


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