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  • § 374.101
    Discrimination prohibited.
  • § 374.103
    Notice to be printed on tickets.
  • § 374.105
    Discrimination in terminal facilities.
  • § 374.107
    Notice to be posted at terminal facilities.
  • § 374.109
    Carriers not relieved of existing obligations.
  • § 374.111
    Reports of interference with regulations.
  • § 374.113
  • § 374.201
    Prohibition against smoking on interstate passenger-carrying motor vehicles.
  • § 374.301
  • § 374.303
  • § 374.305
    Ticketing and information.
  • § 374.307
    Baggage service.
  • § 374.309
    Terminal facilities.
  • § 374.311
    Service responsibility.
  • § 374.313
  • § 374.315
    Transportation of passengers with disabilities.
  • § 374.317
    Identification—bus and driver.
  • § 374.319
    Relief from provisions.
  • § 374.401
    Minimum permissible limitations for baggage liability.
  • § 374.403
    Notice of passenger's ability to declare excess value on baggage.
  • § 374.405
    Baggage excess value declaration procedures.
  • § 374.501
  • § 374.503
  • § 374.505

Part 374

§ 374.311: Service responsibility.

(a) Schedules. Carriers shall establish schedules that can be reasonably met, including connections at junction points, to serve adequately all points.

(b) Continuity of service. No carrier shall change an existing regular-route schedule without first displaying conspicuously a notice in each facility and on each bus affected. Such notice shall be displayed for a reasonable time before it becomes effective and shall contain the carrier's name, a description of the proposed schedule change, the effective date thereof, the reasons for the change, the availability of alternate service, and the name and address of the carrier representative passengers may contact.

(c) Trip interruptions. A carrier shall mitigate, to the extent possible, any passenger inconvenience it causes by disrupting travel plans.

(d) Seating and reservations. A carrier shall provide sufficient buses to meet passengers' normal travel demands, including ordinary weekend and usual seasonal or holiday demand. Passengers (except commuters) shall be guaranteed, to the extent possible, passage and seating.

(e) Inspection of rest stops. Each carrier shall inspect periodically all rest stops it uses to ensure that they are clean.

Citation: [55 FR 11199, Mar. 27, 1990. Redesignated at 61 FR 54709, Oct. 21, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 15423, Apr. 1, 1997; 74 FR 2901, Jan. 16, 2009]


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