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  • § 372.101
    Casual, occasional, or reciprocal transportation of passengers for compensation when such transportation is sold or arranged by anyone for compensation.
  • § 372.103
    Motor vehicles employed solely in transporting school children and teachers to or from school.
  • § 372.107
  • § 372.109
    Computation of tonnage allowable in nonfarm-non-member transportation.
  • § 372.111
    Nonmember transportation limitation and record keeping.
  • § 372.113
  • § 372.115
    Commodities that are not exempt under 49 U.S.C. 13506(a)(6).
  • § 372.117
    Motor transportation of passengers incidental to transportation by aircraft.
  • § 372.201
    Albany, NY.
  • § 372.203
    Beaumont, TX.
  • § 372.205
    Charleston, S.C.
  • § 372.207
    Charleston, WV.
  • § 372.209
    Lake Charles, LA.
  • § 372.211
    Pittsburgh, PA.
  • § 372.213
    Pueblo, CO.
  • § 372.215
    Ravenswood, WV.
  • § 372.217
    Seattle, WA.
  • § 372.219
    Washington, DC
  • § 372.221
    Twin Cities.
  • § 372.223
    Consolidated governments.
  • § 372.225
    Lexington-Fayette Urban County, KY.
  • § 372.227
    Syracuse, NY.
  • § 372.229
    Spokane, WA.
  • § 372.231
    Tacoma, WA.
  • § 372.233
    Chicago, IL.
  • § 372.235
    New York, NY.
  • § 372.237
    Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, and Willacy Counties, TX.
  • § 372.239
  • § 372.241
    Commercial zones determined generally, with exceptions.
  • § 372.243
    Controlling distances and population data.
  • § 372.300
    Distances and population data.
  • § 372.301
    Terminal areas of motor carriers and freight forwarders at municipalities served.
  • § 372.303
    Terminal areas of motor carriers and freight forwarders at unincorporated communities served.

Part 372

§ 372.227: Syracuse, NY.

The zone adjacent to, and commercially a part of Syracuse, N.Y., within which transportation by motor vehicle, in interstate or foreign commerce, not under common control, management, or arrangement for shipment to or from points beyond such zone, is partially exempt from regulation under 49 U.S.C. 13506(b)(1) includes and is comprised of all points as follows:

(a) The municipality of Syracuse, N.Y., itself;

(b) All points within a line drawn 10 miles beyond the municipal limits of Syracuse;

(c) Those points in the towns of Van Buren and Lysander, Onondaga County, N.Y., which are not within the area described in paragraph (b) of this section, but which are within an area bounded by a line beginning at the intersection of new New York Highway 48 with the line described in (b) of this sectio, thence northwesterly along new New York Highway 48 to junction New York Highway 370, thence westerly along New York Highway 370 to junction Emerick Road, thence northerly along Emerick Road to junction Dunham Road, thence northerly along Dunham road to junction New York Highway 192, thence easterly along New York Highway 192 to junction new New York Highway 48, thence northerly along new New York Highway 48 to junction New York Highway 213, thence easterly along New York Highway 213 to junction New York Highway 213A, thence easterly along New York Highway 213A to junction New York Highway 37, thence southerly along New York Highway 37 to its intersection with the line in (b) above;

(d) All of any municipality any part of which is within the limits of the combined area defined in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, and

(e) All of any municipality wholly surrounded, or so surrounded except for a water boundary, by the municipality of Syracuse or any other municipality included under the terms of paragraph (d) of this section.

Citation: [42 FR 44816, Sept. 7, 1977. Redesignated at 55 FR 42198, Oct. 18, 1990, as amended at 62 FR 15422, Apr. 1, 1997; 78 FR 58478, Sept. 24, 2013]


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