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Recommendations on Uniform Forms and Procedures for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials

Supplemental notice of report availability; request for comments.
The FHWA is requesting public comment on the final report and recommendations of the Alliance for Uniform HazMat Transportation Procedures (the Alliance) concerning the implementation of a portion of the former Hazardous Materials Transportation Uniform Safety Act of 1990 (HMTUSA). The statute requires the Secretary of Transportation (the Secretary) to establish a working group of State and local government officials to establish uniform forms and procedures for the registration of persons that transport hazardous materials by motor vehicle. The working group is required to make recommendations to the Secretary on whether to limit the filing of State registration and permit forms and the collection of filing fees to the State in which the person resides or has its principal place of business. The Alliance is the working group created to fulfill the requirements of the statute, and accordingly, published its final report with recommendations on March 15, 1996. On July 9, 1996, the FHWA published a notice indicating that the Alliance's report was available and requesting public comments on the report (61 FR 36016). After reviewing the comments received in response to the notice of availability, the FHWA has determined that it should seek additional public comment before the agency makes a decision on whether to implement the recommendations of the Alliance.


Closed on 06/29/1998
FHWA Docket No. MC-96-10
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