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Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing: J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., Schneider National Carriers, Inc., Werner Enterprises, Inc., Knight Transportation, Inc., Dupre Logistics, Inc. and Maveric Transportation, LLC Application for Exemption

Notice of application for exemption; request for comments.
FMCSA announces that it has received an application from J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. (J.B. Hunt), Schneider National Carriers, Inc. (Schneider), Werner Enterprises, Inc. (Werner), Knight Transportation, Inc. (Knight), Dupre Logistics, Inc. (Dupree), and Maveric Transportation, LLC (Maverick) (the Applicants) to allow hair analysis in lieu of urine testing for pre-employment controlled substances testing of commercial driver's license (CDL) holders. The Applicants currently conduct pre-employment urine testing that satisfies the Department of Transportation's (the Department) requirements under 49 CFR part 40 and hair analysis, separate from the Department's controlled substances and alcohol testing program. The Applicants' believe their data ``. . . demonstrates that hair analysis is a more reliable and comprehensive basis for ensuring detection of controlled substance use'' and the exemption would enable these fleets to discontinue pre-employment urine testing. FMCSA requests public comment on the exemption application.


Closed on 02/21/2017
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