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Hours of Service of Drivers: McKee Foods Transportation, LLC, Application for Exemption

Notice of application for exemption; request for comments.
FMCSA announces that it has received an application from McKee Foods Transportation, LLC (MFT) for an exemption from certain provisions of the Agency's hours-of-service (HOS) regulations. MFT proposes that its team drivers engaged in delivery and backhaul operations be granted an exemption from the HOS rules pertaining to use of a sleeper berth (SB). Current HOS rules require that all SB rest regimens include, in part, the regular use of a SB period for at least 8 hours--combined with a separate period of at least 2 hours, either in the SB, off-duty or some combination of both--to gain the equivalent of at least 10 consecutive hours off duty. MFT proposes that its team drivers be allowed to take the equivalent of 10 consecutive hours off duty by splitting SB time into two periods totaling 10 hours, provided neither of the two periods is less than 3 hours. FMCSA requests public comment on MFT's application for exemption.


Closed on 06/11/2014
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