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Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service Supporting Documents; Evaluating the Potential Safety Benefits of Electronic Hours-of-Service Recorders

Notice of availability of research report.
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announces the availability of a new final report, ``Evaluating the Potential Safety Benefits of Electronic Hours-of-Service Recorders.'' The study quantitatively evaluated whether trucks equipped with Electronic Hours-of-Service Recorders (EHSRs) have a lower (or higher) crash and hours-of-service (HOS) violation rate than those without EHSRs. The safety benefits of EHSRs were quantitatively evaluated by comparing the crash risk for two exposure groups (i.e., EHSRs were considered to improve safety if the trucks with EHSRs showed a lower crash risk than trucks without EHSRs). For this project, EHSRs were defined as any device that electronically records drivers' HOS. The study is an effort to further quantify the safety benefits of electronic logging devices (ELDs) and provides results that are consistent with the Agency's estimates of safety benefits of an ELD mandate, as proposed on March 28, 2014. A copy of the report has been placed in the docket referenced at the beginning of this notice.


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