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Hours of Service of Drivers: Application for Renewal of Exemption

Notice of final disposition; grant of application for exemption renewal.
FMCSA announces its decision to grant RockTenn's request for a renewal of its exemption from the hours-of-service (HOS) regulation that prohibits drivers from operating property-carrying commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) after the 14th hour after coming on duty. FMCSA renews this limited exemption for RockTenn's shipping department employees and occasional substitute commercial driver's license (CDL) holders who transport paper mill products short distances between its shipping and receiving locations on a public road. The exemption is restricted to a specific 275 foot route in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This exemption will allow these individuals to occasionally work up to 16 consecutive hours and be allowed to return to work with less than the mandatory 10 consecutive hours off duty.


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