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Hours of Service of Drivers: Timberdoodle Company's Application for Exemption

Notice of final disposition; denial of application for exemption.
FMCSA announces its denial of Timberdoodle Company's (Timberdoodle) request for an exemption from section 395.3(b)(1) of the ``Hours of Service [HOS] of Drivers'' regulations (49 CFR part 395). Section 395.3(b)(1) prohibits the operation of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) by anyone who has accumulated 60 hours of on-duty time in a period of 7 days. Timberdoodle requested that its drivers be allowed to exclude from this calculation all on-duty time other than time actually driving a CMV. FMCSA concluded that Timberdoodle has not demonstrated how its CMV operations under such an exemption would be likely to achieve a level of safety equivalent to or greater than the level of safety that would be obtained in the absence of the exemption.


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