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National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners Search

For Carriers, Drivers and State Drivers License Agencies:

The newly developed search tool allows stakeholders to verify that a Medical Examiner is certified and listed on the National Registry. By entering the National Registry number and selecting apply, you will be provided with the Medical Examiner’s name, city, state, zip code, and date of National Registry certification. If a result is not returned, the number is not valid and the provider is not certified.

For Drivers searching for a certified medical examiner:

  1. You can use the zip code search function to locate certified Medical Examiners
    1. Type in the zip code you want to search and select Apply
    2. The result will be all the certified medical examiner in that zip code
    3. If the search yields no results you can expand the area of the search by using only the first four numbers in the zip code. The resulting will expand the geographic area of the search around the desired zip code.
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