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National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners

The National Registry website is currently under construction with limited functionality as described below.

***Between February 5th and 6th the National Registry system sent email notifications to certain Medical Examiners that they would be removed from the National Registry because system records indicated their credentials are expired or due to expire shortly. The notification was an error. FMCSA is not currently planning to remove any Medical Examiners from its National Registry based on out-of-date information.

Medical Examiners are required by the State(s) in which they practice to maintain a current license at all times and examiners with valid credentials may continue to conduct the DOT physical exams and issue medical certificates to truck and bus drivers, irrespective of the status of the National Registry website. FMCSA will notify all Medical Examiners when the National Registry website is restored.***

FMCSA has completed the registration part of the certification process which allows healthcare professionals to register, receive a National Registry number, and take the medical examiner certification test.   However, at this time, the National Registry is not able to receive test results from testing organizations to complete the certification process.  FMCSA is working on making this part of the certification process available as soon as possible. 

To register to become a certified medical examiner, you must:

  • Be licensed, certified, or registered in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations to perform physical examinations.  FMCSA will verify this information with your state licensing board.
  • First complete the required training to begin the process.  Please note that you MUST complete the required training prior to registering. 
  • Go to the following link to register
  • Receive welcome email with unique National Registry number.
  • Take and pass the National Registry medical examiner certification test.  The certification test is offered by the testing organizations provided in the links below.  Using these links, you will find the process and contact information necessary for you to contact the testing organization directly to schedule the examination.

Medical examiners who go through this process will be registered, will receive a National Registry number, and are able to take the certification test.  However, they are not permitted to conduct physical qualification examinations of interstate commercial motor vehicle drivers, even if they pass the test.  Any examinations conducted and/or Medical Examiner’s Certificates issued will not be valid.

If you choose to use this registration process, you will be notified as soon as FMCSA has the ability to receive the test results from the testing organization.

  • Once FMCSA has received passing test results from the testing organization and has verified your ability to conduct physical examinations with your state licensing board, FMCSA will conduct a final evaluation of your application to become a certified medical examiner.
  • FMCSA will notify you via email when the certification process is complete.  You will receive an email with an official certificate indicating your status as a certified medical examiner listed on the National Registry.

Although the National Registry is currently under construction, certified medical examiners can continue conducting physical qualification examinations of CMV drivers and issuing paper Medical Examiner's Certificate (MEC), Form MCSA-5876 to qualified drivers. Medical examiners should segregate all examinations completed during the outage and be prepared to upload them to the National Registry system when it is back online, with no penalties.

Limited functionality for National Registry Medical Examiner lookup is available through two means: Zip Code and Medical Examiner’s National Registry number searches.

  1. Zip Code search.
    1. Type in the zip code you want to search and select Apply
    2. The result will be all the certified medical examiner in that zip code
    3. If the search yields no results, you can expand the area of the search by using just the first four numbers in the zip code. The resulting list will reflect an expanded geographic area around the desired zip code.
  2. Medical Examiner’s National Registry Number search. Obtain the certified Medical Examiner’s National Registry number from the Medical Examiner’s Certificate, Form MCSA-5876.
  1. Type in the medical examiners registration number and select Apply
    1. The search will provide the medical examiners name if they are on the registry
    2. If the search yields no result the number is not in the registry indicating the provider is not certified (Double check to insure the number, you input was not mistyped)
    3. You can always call your provider and obtain their Medical Examiner Number.

Updated: Friday, April 6, 2018
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