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MCMIS Catalog

A Brief Orientation

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS). MCMIS contains information on the safety fitness of commercial motor carriers (truck & bus) and hazardous material (HM) shippers subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). This information is available to the general public through the MCMIS Data Dissemination Program.

This catalog describes the Data Dissemination Program. It identifies certain motor carrier data available to the public, and explains how to obtain these data. Requests for data should be sent to:

Department of Transportation
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Office of Registration and Safety Information, W65-206
1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20590
Phone: 1(800)832-5660


Over-the-phone technical support is available to users of the MCMIS Data Dissemination Program by calling 1(800)832-5660. You can also submit your questions via our web form. This technical assistance may be requested to guide you in loading data into your computer system. Assistance is also available to help you read and interpret MCMIS data.

Federal Relay Service Number for TTY: 1-800-877-8339

Last updated: Wednesday, April 15, 2015