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Downstream Systems Requirements, Volume 1, February 18, 2016


The rollout of Unified Registration System (URS) will streamline and simplify the existing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) registration process. This will require the removal of registration related functions from MCMIS, L&I, and OAM as well as modifications to other functional areas within these applications. However, there will also be significant impact to downstream systems that currently interact with MCMIS and L&I to send or receive census and entity status information. The URS rule requires the USDOT Number to be the sole unique identifier for an entity registered with FMCSA, it also requires MCMIS, L&I, OAM, and all downstream systems to display URS data and values as they will be displayed in URS itself.

Downstream systems are a number of FMCSA systems that interface with existing systems (MCMIS and L&I) to send or receive data. This data includes but is not limited to census and entity status information. 

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