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FMCSA Petitions for Rulemaking (49 CFR 389.31)

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This table includes summary information about all Petitions for Rulemaking received by FMCSA, beginning with those active as of February 2016. This display is required by Section 5204 of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act).

Date Rcv'dPetitionerSubjectSummary of PetitionDate of AcknowledgmentDecision
(Grant/Deny/ Pending)
and Date of Letter to Applicant
If Granted: Rule ID Number or Final Rule Cite
8/27/2018Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceNACM Tablesincorporate NACM chain hook specification tables into § 393.108   
8/27/2018Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance393.130 GuidanceAmend regulatory guidance regarding tiedowns on accessory equipment for heavy vehicles   
8/27/2018Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceRear Impact Guards in Appendix GAmend Appendix G to require rear impact guards to be inspected as part of the required annual inspection   
07/03/2018United States Transportation AllianceHours of Service and Other RegsProposes revisions to hours of service and other rules8/1/2018  
05/11/2018TruckerNationHours of ServiceSignificant revisions to primary hours of service rules6/15/2018  
06/14/2018Small Business in Transportation Coalition SBTCExemptions Process in Part 381Revise application instructions to better accommodate class applications   
09/01/2017Jacob ScrogginsExemptions in Part 391Add Pigeon Clubs to 391.2 list of exempt entitiesN/A  
10/11/2017New Hampshire DOTCDL passenger endorsementAllow driver without P endorsement to operate certain passenger vehicles   
6/1/2017Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceUtility service vehicle definition 395.2Expand utility service vehicle definition to include internet/broadband services6/16/2017Granted 3/8/18 
12/20/2016Jack James EliasHours of Service Rulesexempt non-driving duty time from the 8-day driving limit calculation1/9/2017  
12/11/2015Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceParts 393 and 396Amend part 393 to address 396.3(a)(1) OOSC references12/29/2015  
11/4/2015Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceHours of Service RulesDelete 30-min rest break provision in 395.312/11/2015Denied 8/9/2016N/A
7/7/2015National Star Route Mail Contractors (NSRMCA)Hours of Service RulesProvide relief from 14-hr rule for rural contractors transporting U.S. Mail8/26/2015Denied 1/12/16N/A
7/7/2015Oregon DOTCDL Learners PermitExtend initial CLP period from 6 to 12 months11/30/2015Granted 2/8/16October 13, 2016
81 FR 70634
2/20/2015Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceElectronic IDRequire electronic identification of all CMVs11/2/2015Granted 11/2/15 
10/10/2014Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceFatigue issues: VariousClarify 392.3, conduct research on fatigue, set standards, etc.11/20/2014Denied 4/24/16N/A
7/31/2014American Trucking AssociationsUnderinflated TiresAmend 393.75 regarding flat and underinflated tires6/29/2016Denied 4/20/2017N/A
5/9/2014Transportation Intermediaries Assoc. TIABonds,Trust: BMC-84, BMC-85Requirements for Bond & Trust Providers6/6/2014See table footnote for activity list 
10/29/2013American Trucking AssociationsOilwell waiting timeAll oilfield trucks to have waiting time exception11/20/2013Denied 2/5/16N/A
10/29/2013Commercial Vehicle Safety AlliancePassenger seatbeltsRequire truck passengers to wear seat belts2/24/2014GrantedJune 7, 2016
81 FR 36474
10/26/2012Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceSecurement of Dressed LumberAmend cargo securement regulations to address securement of stacks of dressed lumber3/25/2013Granted 9/11/2015 
10/26/2012Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceMajor Tread GrooveInclude a definition of major tread groove in the FMCSRs3/25/2013GrantedJuly 22, 2016 (81 FR 47722) and Sept 2, 2016 (81 FR 60633)
7/26/2012Natl Assoc DeafHearing RequirementsRepeal 391.41(b)(11) regarding hearing requirements for driver qualification9/12/2012  
9/13/2010American Trucking AssociationsLicense Plate LightsDelete the requirement for license plate lights when no license plates are required9/27/2010Granted 5/11/2015July 22, 2016 (81 FR 47722) and Sept 2, 2016 (81 FR 60633)
7/26/2010Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceUniversal Electronic ID  Denied 5/24/2013N/A
6/1/2009Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceCoupling DevicesRequire supplemental safety chains on semitrailers Denied 4/20/2017N/A
6/1/2009Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceABS in Appendix GInclude requirements for the inspection of automatic braking systems (ABS) in the periodic inspection requirements in Appendix G7/16/2009GrantedJuly 22, 2016 (81 FR 47722) and Sept 2, 2016 (81 FR 60633)
2/12/2008Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceMotor Carrier DispositionAmend 396.9 to clarify when repairs need to be made3/25/2008Withdrawn 1/9/2018N/A
2/12/2008 (Original 10/2/2007)Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceInspector Qualifications and Periodic InspectionsAmend 396.19 to include inspector qualifications (amends earlier petition on 10/2/2007)10/16/2007GrantedJuly 22, 2016 (81 FR 47722) and Sept 2, 2016 (81 FR 60633)
2/12/2008Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceOOS Orders, Auth to Inspect, etc.Consolidate OOS provisions; specify who may inspect, etc.3/25/2008  
2/12/2008Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceCommercial Motor Vehicle DefinitionsCorrect inconsistencies No estimate provided GrantedMarch 19, 2014
79 FR 15245
10/18/2007Commercial Vehicle Safety AllianceGlazing Obstructions
(Video event recorders)
Amend 393.60(e) to permit certain devices to be mounted in the swept area of the windshield11/2/2007FAST Act 5301September 23, 2016 81 FR 65568
10/20/2006American Trucking AssociationsSpeed LimitersRequire speed limiters to be installed and set on CMVs11/9/2006Granted 1/3/20112126-AB63
9/8/2006Dennis, Cory, Porter & SmithSpeed LimitersRequire speed limiters to be installed and set on CMVs9/25/2006Granted 1/3/20112126-AB63

Note: Transportation Intermediaries Assoc. Petition and Related Activity: (1) Letter from TIA to FMCSA Feb 25, 2014, (2) TIA-FMCSA Conference Call Feb 28, 2014, (3) Petition Filed by TIA May 9, 2014, (4) Petition and Letter Acknowledged by FMCSA Jun 26, 2014, (5) TIA Follow-up Letter to FMCSA Oct 14, 2014, (6) Meeting with TIA at FMCSA Mar 4, 2015, (7) TIA Response Letter to FMCSA March 30, 2015, (8) “Broker and Freight Forwarder Financial Responsibility Roundtable” at DOT, May 20, 2016.

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