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Road Check 2010 Opening Ceremony

Remarks for Anne S. Ferro
FMCSA Administrator
Road Check 2010 Opening Ceremony
Landover, MD
June 8, 2010


Good morning, everyone.

Welcome to Roadcheck – the largest targeted enforcement program of commercial vehicles in the world.

I want to begin by thanking our CVSA partners led by Buzzy France and Steve Keppler. CVSA is an outstanding partner and is truly our "front line" for roadside inspections in each state.

Here in Maryland, our roadside efforts are run by Colonel Terrence Sheridan, Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. Thank you, Colonel Sheridan for all the terrific work the state police do to keep our roads safe in Maryland.

I am pleased that my DOT Administrators – Peter Appel from the Research and Innovative Technology Administration and Victor Mendez from the Federal Highway Administration. Under the passionate SAFETY leadership of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, the DOT’s focus on safety and teamwork are a winning combination.

I also want to thank all the law enforcement officers here with us today.

Each and every day – whether you see them or not – thousands of highly trained safety inspectors are removing unsafe truck and bus drivers and their vehicles from the highways. We are grateful to you for the important role you play in keeping our roads safe.

To do this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration works in close collaboration with our law enforcement partners represented by CVSA in all 50 states.

Thank you all.

Why RoadCheck?

For more than 20 years, FMCSA and CVSA have joined forces to undertake a blitz of driver and mechanical inspections of commercial vehicles on our nation’s roads and highways. The reach of CVSA is so wide that Roadcheck extends into Canada and Mexico.

Lives will be saved as a result of Roadcheck. We estimate that the inspections conducted during last year's Roadcheck event resulted in 17 lives being saved and 307 injuries avoided.

Drivers will be pulled over and asked to show their CDL, medical examiner's certificate and record of duty status because rested drivers are safe drivers. Brakes, tires, lights will be tested. Every major component of the truck or bus will be examined.

FMCSA studies have shown that drivers play a role in nearly nine out of ten large truck crashes involving fatalities. It's not just the tires, lights and brakes – the driver is a critical part of Roadcheck.

From sun up this morning until sundown on Thursday, more than 70, 000 inspections will be done.

We are proud to team up with CVSA once again. I applaud the inspectors for their tireless work of keeping unsafe drivers and their vehicles off the road. They are the unsung everyday heroes of law enforcement.


To all the safety inspectors around the country, keep up the good work. What you do everyday truly saves lives and makes our roads safer.

To drivers of large trucks and buses, we ask you to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, wear your seat belt, don't speed and don't drive fatigued. And, of course, put down your cell phone while you are behind the wheel.

To the public, please drive with courtesy. When you are in the vicinity of large trucks, please practice extra caution. Let's all share the road safely.

Thank you for being here. I wish everyone safe travels this summer. And, as we say in Maryland, please drive gently. 

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