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FMCSA Grantee Manual


Purpose of this Manual

The purpose of this Manual is to provide Grantees with basic resources and knowledge of Grants Management to assist them in applying for and managing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) grants. The term grant is used throughout this Manual to refer to both grants and cooperative agreements, unless stated otherwise. 
Grantees are an integral part of FMCSA’s ability to fulfill its primary mission to reduce fatalities and injuries and prevent commercial motor vehicle-rated fatalities and injuries. As stewards of Federal resources, Grantees are expected to understand and adhere to both programmatic and administrative laws, regulations, policies, and procedures to effectively implement and manage the Federal resources awarded by FMCSA. 
This Manual provides a solid foundation on basic grant requirements and FMCSA’s expectations regarding Grants Management. There are many resources available to learn more about managing grants and even become certified in the field of Grants Management. Other resources include publications, training courses, and websites devoted to Grants Management which can assist any Grantee reach a high level of proficiency in Grants Management. The procedures described in the Manual are arranged and discussed according to the general Grants Management Lifecycle, which applies to all FMCSA grant programs. 
There may be program-specific actions required or unique circumstances which may add to these procedures or call for case-by-case modifications when necessary. These unique circumstances are not captured in the procedures outlined in the Manual; however, they may occur on occasion. 

Last updated: Wednesday, January 8, 2014