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January 2017

PRISM Procedure Manual

* Currently being updated

General Overview of PRISM requirements and concepts.

System Specifications

January 2017

PRISM System Specification version 9.1

* Currently being updated

Provides all the information necessary for States to develop their local systems to satisfy the PRISM Requirements and interface with the PRISM Central Site.
January 2017MCSIP Step ChartUpdated MCSIP Step Chart for all Federal and Intrastate Out- of Service Orders
July 2014PRISM IRP Cab Card Bar Code Specifications – Version 3.5Publishes specifications so that all PRISM States will produce a cab card with a PDF 417 Bar Code that contains, at a minimum, the same, basic format.

Technical Announcements




Prism Technical Announcements-MCSIP Step 53FMCSA PRISM program announces an update to the PRISM Web Service transactions to include a MCSIP Step 53 to represent the Federal Out-of Service Order for a "Denial of Access" effective Wednesday, June 28, 2017


 April 2018PRISM Requirements HandoutUpdated 12 PRISM Registration Requirements
April 2018PRISM Map and Implementation SummaryCurrent PRISM Implementation Map and Implementation Summary
March 2018Job AidPRISM Guide for Identifying Reincarnated Carriers
December 2017PRISM Quarterly Report FormQuarterly Report Form
Updated: Tuesday, June 26, 2018
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