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Commercial Driver License (CDL) Program Implementation Grant

Grant Objectives

The Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Program Implementation Grant provides financial assistance to States to achieve compliance with the requirements of 49 CFR Parts 383 and 384. Additionally, the CDLPI grant program provides financial assistance for other entities capable of executing national projects that aid States in their compliance efforts and that will improve the national Commercial Driver's License (CDL) program.

The goal of the national CDL program is to reduce the number and severity of commercial motor vehicle crashes in the United States by ensuring that only qualified drivers are eligible to receive and retain a CDL. This goal focuses on maintaining the concept that for every driver, there is only one driving record and only one licensing document (commonly referred to as "One Driver — One License — One Record" .) To further this concept, States are required to conduct knowledge and skills testing before issuing a CDL, to maintain a complete and accurate driver history record for anyone that obtains a CDL, and to impose appropriate disqualifications against any driver that violates certain offenses. This effort is directly linked to the FMCSA focus of reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.

Contact your field office to answer your questions and to provide you with guidance concerning the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible Applicants include agencies in each State, including the District of Columbia, responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of all or part of the CDL program or that have a direct impact on a State’s compliance with the provisions of 49 CFR Parts 383 and 384.  Agencies other than the lead CDL agency should coordinate, if practical, with the lead CDL agency prior to submitting an application.  For High Priority and Emerging Issues funding, eligible Applicants include State (including the District of Columbia) agencies, local governments, or other persons.  High Priority grants may be made for 100 percent of the costs of research, development, demonstration projects, public education, and other special activities and projects relating to commercial driver licensing and motor vehicle safety that are of benefit to all jurisdictions of the United States or are designed to address national safety concerns and circumstances.  Emerging Issues grants may be made to address emerging issues relating to commercial driver’s license improvements.


The Federal share of CDLPI grants is 100 percent of the expenditures approved in the State or entity's application.

Allowable costs under the CDLPI grant awards include, but are not limited to, expenses for computer hardware and software, publications, testing, personnel, training, and quality control. Grants awarded under this program may not be used to rent, lease, or buy land or buildings.  All applications must serve a public purpose.

Application Process

The application must be filed electronically through (information on how to register with and file an application using is available at on the site.  Applicants will be required to complete an SF-424, SF-424A, SF-424B, a Lobbying Form, a Key Contacts Form, a Project Narrative that includes a problem statement, goals and objectives, a work plan, an evaluation or monitoring plan, and a description of organizational capacity; a Budget Narrative that justifies and explains each budget category on the SF-424A; a copy of the Applicant’s signed current approved indirect cost rate (if indirect costs will be claimed); an FMCSA Administrative Capability Questionnaire; and a Program Evaluation/Needs Assessment (State Applicants only). Additional information and/or or content requirements are is indicated in the grant announcement posted on   


The Commercial Driver' s License (CDL) Program Implementation Grant is authorized by Section 4124 of Public Law 109-59, the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users,Pub. L. No.109–59, §§ 4101(c)(1), 4124, 119 Stat. 1144, 1715, 1736–37 (2005),as amended by Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century, Pub. L. No.112–141, §§ 32603(c) and 32604 (c)(1) (2012),

 U.S.C. §31313 (2006), as amended.

Funding is provided through the Department of Transportation's annual appropriations act and has been set at $30,000,000 for fiscal year 2014.