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Why isn’t the bus company I am looking for appearing when I search the SaferBus app? Does this mean they are not allowed to operate?

No, not necessarily. USDOT registered bus companies should appear in your search results regardless of whether or not they are allowed to operate. The company may be using a trade name instead of, or in addition to, its official business name. Try verifying the company’s official business name and redoing your search. Or, search by the carrier’s USDOT or MC number instead. There are many similarly named companies. Searches based on USDOT/MC number will provide the most reliable results.

Search results will provide safety information on USDOT registered bus companies that are licensed to transport passengers from one state to another and that are subject to Federal regulatory oversight. Companies that only operate within the borders of a single state generally are NOT included.

Last Updated : April 10, 2014
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