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When is it appropriate to report a name change for my Operating Authority (OA) rather than a Transfer?

When is it appropriate to report a name change for my Operating Authority (OA) rather than a Transfer?

An entity may report a Transfer of its Operating Authority when there has been a change in ownership, management, or control of the company and the new owner intends to keep the existing Docket (MC/FF/MX) number. However, there are some instances where an entity may be able to report a Name Change for its OA instead of a Transfer.

If one of the below applies to you, you would need to report a name change to FMCSA:

  • Adding, removing, or changing ownership between immediate family members. This change may be due to death, divorce, marriage, etc.
    Note: Immediate family members include husband/wife, son/daughter, and brother/sister.
  • Removing existing partner’s name from the legal business name listed on the authority. For example, changing from John Smith and Jane Smith to John Smith.
  • Adding/removing company officer’s information (i.e., due to new management).
  • For any of the above, you may be required to submit additional documents such as copy of death certificate, divorce certificate, marriage license, or notarized letter.
    An FMCSA customer service representative will contact you if this is the case.

However, if you are Transferring (selling) your operating authority to a non-immediate family member/non-related person (i.e., cousin, aunt/uncle, grandparent, distant relatives, or friend), then you would generally report a transfer of operating authority.

Note: There are situations where a legal name change, ownership change, and/or form of business change may require a new USDOT number. For more information, click here.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at 1-800-832-5660 or via our Ask FMCSA page.

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