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What types of visual indicators must be displayed by an ELD?

An ELD must display a single visual malfunction indicator on the ELD’s display or on a stand-alone indicator for all drivers using the ELD. The visual signal must be visible to the driver, be continuously communicated to the driver when the ELD is powered, and clearly illuminate an active malfunction.  An ELD must also display a single visual data diagnostics indicator, apart from the malfunction indicator, for active data diagnostics events. The ELD may also provide an audible signal for the data diagnostics indicator.A malfunction is a situation in which an ELD is not working properly. A malfunction affects the integrity of the device and its compliance, and requires the motor carrier to repair, replace, or service the ELD.

An ELD must display a malfunction signal (or indicator) such as a light, symbol, or text on the ELD or on a stand-alone display. The malfunction signal must be visible to the driver and display function status whenever the ELD is powered on. It must also light up to draw attention to an active malfunction.

An ELD must also include a diagnostics indicator to display active diagnostic events. Data diagnostic events note data inconsistencies that a driver can typically resolve by following the motor carrier’s or ELD provider’s recommendations.

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Last Updated : April 18, 2017
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