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What must a driver do if there is an Automatic On-board Recording Device (AOBRD) malfunction?

If an AOBRD malfunction prevents the accurate recording of the driver’s hours-of-service, the driver should take the following steps.

  1. Note the AOBRD malfunction;
  2. Reconstruct the record of duty status (RODS) for the current 24-hour period and the previous 7 consecutive days, and record them on graph-grid paper or electronic logs that comply with 49 CFR 395.8 (unless the driver already has the records or retrieves them from the AOBRD); and
  3. Continue to prepare paper or electronic graph-grid RODS in accordance with 49 CFR 395.8.

The driver should notify the motor carrier of the malfunction (in writing or electronically) within 24 hours. Paper or electronic grid-graph recording of hours of service should not continue for more than 8 days after the malfunction is discovered.

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Last Updated : May 4, 2018
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