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GENERAL: How long does it take to get an MX number, Certificate of Registration and USDOT Number?

The time it takes to obtain an MX number varies depending on the application submitted and the means by which the application is submitted.

  • Commercial Zone Authority: The applicant must go through the Unified Registration System to apply for this authority.
  • OP-1(MX): If the application is complete, it can be processed in 4-6 weeks.  [At this time, the online application process is not available; an application is completed and submitted on paper.]  However, once the application is processed, the carrier must submit to and pass a Pre-authorization Safety Audit (PASA).  Once the PASA is successfully completed, the carrier will be notified of the results and of the requirement to submit evidence of insurance to FMCSA.  At the same time, the carrier’s information is published in the FMCSA Register to allow for a 10-day protest period.  At the end of that protest period and upon receipt of evidence of insurance and the BOC-3, Designation of Process Agent form, the provisional authority will be issued. At this time, it is unclear how much additional time this will take, but the process from application to issuance of authority can take many months.

NOTE:  If an application is submitted and it is not completed correctly, it will be sent back to the motor carrier for correction. When the corrections are returned, they are entered in the order they are received along with any new applications that are received.

Last Updated : December 12, 2015
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