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Advanced Hazardous Waste/Substances

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Prerequisites for Attendance: 

Investigators shall possess a Certificate of Proficiency for conducting NAS A, B; HM and CTI Level I Inspections. Candidates also need to possess certification for conducting investigations (BIT, ISA) Host Agencies shall provide, or require students to bring laptop with current CAPRI and Guard/eFOTM, the most current version of the Hazardous Materials Regulations and OOS Criteria.   


Investigators having successfully completed the following FMCSA NTC trainings: General Hazardous Materials (GHM), Cargo Tank Inspection (CTI), Other Bulk Packaging (OBP), and Advanced Roadside–HAZMAT and are CR certified.

Target Audience: 

This course is open to all Federal, State, MCSAP law enforcement personnel responsible for conducting Hazardous Materials investigations.


This course has been designed to provide HM investigators with advanced knowledge of hazardous waste to conduct investigations on hazardous waste Generators, transporters and disposal facilities.


Upon completion of this module investigators will be able to correctly identify and classify hazardous substance (HS) in accordance with DOT and EPA regulations and be able to complete the HS and HW components of investigation.

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