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Passenger Vehicle Inspection

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Prerequisites for Attendance: 

Successful completion of the North American Standard Level I course. Host Agencies shall provide students with (or require students to bring) the most current version of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations with interpretations.

Target Audience: 

Federal, State MCSAP or local law enforcement personnel responsible for conducting roadside inspections.


This course will provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and ability to safely inspect a passenger-carrying vehicle in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation and the North American Standard Level I Passenger Vehicle Inspection Procedures.


This training will focus on the passenger-carrying vehicle inspection, identifying the special equipment necessary for inspecting passenger-carrying vehicles, determining the applicability of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation for different types of passenger operations, identifying the mechanical and component differences between a truck and passenger-carrying vehicle, describing the methods for performing the undercarriage inspection of the passenger-carrying vehicle, and describing the proper location to place the CVSA decal. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to inspect passenger-carrying vehicles in accordance with the safety regulations while assuring the safety of passengers and the motoring public.

Margie Mcqueen
Safety Programs Manager:
National Training Center
1200 New Jersey Avenue SE
Washington, DC 20590
United States
Phone: 202-657-2827
Fax: 877-561-1787
Business Hours:
9:00am-5:00pm ET, M-F

Upcoming Classes for the Course

list of upcoming classes for this course
Class Date Location
02/12/18 to 02/14/18
15194 West 12th Avenue
Golden, Colorado 80401
02/21/18 to 02/23/18
5807 Guadalupe St., Bldg. N-1
Austin, Texas 78752
03/20/18 to 03/22/18
1970 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43223
04/09/18 to 04/11/18
100779 Bear Road
Nipton, California 92364
04/30/18 to 05/02/18
1800 herr st
harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17103
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