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Instructor Courses

[48160] Master Instructor Development

Prerequisites for Attendance: Participants must have a minimum of two years as an NTC certified instructor and taught a minimum of 10 safety program classes. A minimum of one in-state and one out-of-state safety program classes taught per year is required.

Target Audience: Certified NTC instructors.

Description: This class will open to NTC certified instructors who wish to become Master Instructors. The class will include four days of skill building in effective training techniques as well as instruction on evaluating instructor candidates. After successful completion of this course, participants will be certified as NTC Master Instructos and be able to evaluate instructor candidates in order for them to fulfill their certification requirements.

Objective: Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to: •Explain the five steps in the ISD system •Write a behavioral learning objective •Present, measure, and review a learning objective •Demonstrate at least two forms of interactivity and positive interpersonal skills •List five training techniques •Demonstrate how to reach the three styles of learning •Learn streamlined coaching and mentoring techniques

Length: 40 hours

Program Manager: Margie McQueen
Office Phone: 202-657-2827
Fax: 1.877.561.1787

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