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[48161] Instructor Development

Prerequisites for Attendance: It is highly encouraged that Agencies provide candidates with the opportunity to observe classes they are interested in teaching prior to starting the certification process. New Instructors must possess a minimum of 2 years of active/concurrent certification in the subject area of which candidacy to instruct is requested. Applicants must submit proof of meeting required prerequisites, as well as pass a subject matter pretest.

Target Audience: NTCs Instructor Certification Process is open to FMCSA and State personnel who have been approved for technical competency and subject matter expertise by the appropriate FMCSA and/or State Lead MCSAP Agency and validated by NTC.

Description: This course will provide new and experienced instructors the knowledge and skills to deliver more effective training.

Objective: The course is designed to prepare participants to teach on behalf of the National Training Center and will focus on: • Approved methodologies and techniques. • Course delivery with emphasis on uniformity, integrity and quality of instruction. • The five steps in the ISD system • Behavioral learning outcomes • Forms of interactivity and positive interpersonal skills • Training techniques • Three styles of learning • Application of adult learning through recorded training sessions.

Length: 80 hours

Post-Requirements: Upon completion of the course, candidates must: • Pass a formal evalution by a Master Instructor • Remain current in their field of expertise • Actively present instruction in their topic a minimum of 2 times per year (at least 1 out of state) • Maintain current regulatory training requirements and certifications • Maintain positive evaluations

Program Manager: Margie McQueen
Office Phone: 202-657-2827
Fax: 1.877.561.1787

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