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[510003] Investigative Safety Analysis

Prerequisites for Attendance: Successful completion of North American Standard Part A, North American Standard Part B and General Hazardous Materials courses. Working knowledge of computer software/hardware. Host agencies shall provide students with (or require students to bring) the most current version of the Hazardous Materials Regulations and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Target Audience: Federal and State MCSAP personnel responsible for conducting Compliance Reviews.

Description: A Compliance Review is an in-depth review of a motor carrier's compliance with the applicable safety/hazardous materials regulations. This course is designed to prepare investigators to conduct investigations and complete a quality Compliance Review in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and Hazardous Materials Regulations while applying the investigator standards of the Field Operations Training Manual. Participants will be instructed in applicable regulations software programs.

Objective: Upon completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of how to conduct a compliance review of a motor carrier's operations in a manner that assures that no violations are missed, overlooked, or unrecorded.

Length: 80 hours

Program Manager: Margie McQueen
Office Phone: 202-657-2827
Fax: 1.877.561.1787

Course Specialist

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